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Another resolution update

12 Feb 2007
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Today was the day…for the past week or so I’ve been sooo close to 190, even hitting it a couple times.  I wanted to make sure I was really there, so I decided to wait before taking that major step of shaving off my goatee.   I am after all an IT geek and what’s an IT geek without a goatee?

Anyway, I’ve actually be at 188 for the last couple of days so, for the first time in many, many years, I am clean shaven.  All I can say is….WTF was I thinking!  

the pushups / crunches / flutterkicks are going great.  I’m feeling better every day.  good stuff.

Busy again

09 Feb 2007
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it feels so good to be busy again.  While I can’t discuss the details of the project I’m working on for Pillar, I can say I’m having a lot of fun.

The project is a nice change of pace from things I’ve worked on in the past.  I’m focused on the back-end and middle-tier which is where I love to be.  We have a couple guys focused on the UI (one of them is also helping me with the middle-tier).

On top of the new project, a friend and I spent this past Tuesday/Wednesday in Chicago.  We hit the Vista/Office 2007 launch event at McCormick Place.  It was cool to get the free copy of Office 2007 Pro, but I find the launch events pretty boring.  Hours of marketing fluff…ugh.  Gimme a CodeMash or Code Camp any day. :-)