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Dayton-Cinci Code Camp 2007 – follow-up

25 Mar 2007
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Another great code camp!  All the organizers and volunteers did an outstanding job and the sessions were excellent.

While I missed out on 2 complete sessions due to some issues outside of my control, the sessions I did go to were definitely worth the 8 hours I’ll spend in the car this weekend.

Practical Caching by Joe Wirtley gave me some good ideas that I’m hoping to research for my current project.

James Avery’s session on MbUnit has just about convinced me to make the move from NUnit.  I just need time to make sure the impact on my team is minimal.

Jason Follas had a great session on SQL Server 2005.  While I’ve been using SQL Server 2005 for quite some time, I did learn a couple things.

The final session I attended was James Avery’s “Real World Agile”.  I thought this was a great discussion, but I’m still surprised by the number of people that don’t “get” writing unit tests or who aren’t using CI.

Spent some time talking to Dan Hounshell again.  Dude..seriously….let’s get together before the Ann Arbor Day of .NET.  My number right above my pic. 

Jason Follas and I got a chance to talk a bit more WoW which was made even better by the fact that he worked WoW into one of his SQL Server demos.

Dayton-Cinci Code Camp 2007

24 Mar 2007
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So, for the second year in a row, I decided to make the 4 hour drive from Coldwater to attend the Code Camp being held at the Wingate Inn in West Chester, OH.

I can’t get to sleep so I figured I’d get my second blog post of the last couple months written.   If all goes as expected, I’ll take some notes during the sessions tomorrow and post them later in the day. 

An Update

20 Mar 2007
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Since CodeMash, I’ve been really busy.  My project with Pillar has turned into quite the adventure.  About two weeks ago, I was asked to take over as tech lead and it’s been non-stop fun ever since.  Of course, by “fun”, I mean way
too much to do and not enough time to do it.   I am enjoying the hell out of it though.  I’m working with a great team.  After many years, I’ve finally found a PM that knows what the hell he’s doing. 

Beyond all that, I picked up another project recently that’s going to be fun. As I’ve said in another post, it feels good to be busy again.  To be honest, it feels good to be *leading* a project again.

Unfortunately, my blog reading / writing has dropped off to 0.  I did take a few minutes the other day to fire up FeedDemon.  I saw that Jason Follas is cruising along in WoW.  While I left a comment on his blog, I wanted to once again say Congrats Jason!  Now we just need to get you to transfer to a real (PVP) server.

Looking forward to a break this coming weekend at the Dayton Code Camp.  I’ve been so busy, I almost forgot to book my room. :-)   I’ll be there Friday night and will most likely leave Sunday morning.

In May, I’ll be at both the Ann Arbor Day of .NET AND the West Michigan Day of .NET in Grand Rapids.

While I unfortunately fell off the pushup/situp bandwagon (I do hope to get back on), I am feeling really good…I’m at 180 pounds for the first time since….damn….the mid 90′s and I can definitley see myself at 175 soon.

Even though I’m feeling good about working, the fact is, the past few months have taken a toll on me personally.  I spent a lot of time thinking about who I am and what I want out of life during that bench time (I know…pretty deep topics…).  No major conclusions, but it’s still something I think about.  good or bad….there may be some changes in the future.