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Another WoW milestone – level 69

28 Apr 2007
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I *finally* hit level 69 in World of Warcraft today (about 30 minutes ago).

I’ve been so busy with work and “real life” in general that I haven’t spent much time playing — maybe an hour every couple of days.  Anyway, next milestone (and major hurdle) is getting to level 70. 

Idiot dems (from Michigan)

06 Apr 2007
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This is the kind of crap that really pisses me off.   How about they work on bringing freakin’ jobs into the state…

“We wonder how financially strained Michigan residents will feel about paying higher taxes to buy someone else’s kid an iPod.”

I’ll tell you how I feel….I think it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of.  The last thing we need to be buying every school kid is an MP3 player.  How about we take that money, pay our teachers a bit more and focus on the freakin’ fundamentals?  Hmmm….better yet, how about our representatives take a paycut, pay our teachers more money and focus on the fundamentals?  Ooohh…AND how about some tax cuts?  Now there’s a novel idea.: