I will be speaking at the Indy Code Camp on April 26, 2008

26 Mar
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I received the following via email last night from the Aaron at the Indy Code Camp:

‘I’m pleased to let you know that the following sessions have been approved:

- An Introduction to Castle ActiveRecord, or Stop Writing CRUD
- Ouch, that hurt! Lessons Learned from an Agile Project”


My friends Dan, Joe and Chris had sessions accepted too!

I think I’ve been to Indianapolis exactly once and that was just passing through a few years ago on my way to St. Louis. :-)   I’m looking forward to giving my talks, meeting new people and checking out some great technical sessions.  I’ll most likely be in town a day early, so if you’re in the area and want to get together and shoot the breeze, let me know!

From the website:

“The Indy Code Camp will consist of 70-minute sessions. There are four tracks with six sessions per track. Simple math results in 24 sessions to be delivered by a sterling group of developers from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and Kentucky.”


“We are able to accomodate 250 people at Indy Code Camp. This event will definitely sell out. Register today to ensure admittance!”

If you’ve never been to a Code Camp and are within a few hours of Indy, I really suggest you check it out.  These are not your typical vendor-sponsored conferences with lots of marketing fluff.  Code Camps and the Days of .NET are jam-packed with technical content from top to bottom.  The talks are almost always given by local developers that have no agenda other than to help make the world of software development a better place. :-)


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One Response to I will be speaking at the Indy Code Camp on April 26, 2008

  1. Aaron Lerch

    We’re looking forward to having you! :)