Central Ohio Day of .NET – slide deck and demo code

23 Apr
by mjeaton, posted in Uncategorized   |  4 Comments

Since I don’t know when these files will be posted to the event site, I figured I’d upload them myself for anyone that wants to check them out.  I changed my “about me” slide mainly because it won’t make sense to those that weren’t at the event. :-)

Direct link: http://cid-48cfa414dd0408f7.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Presentations/Central%20Ohio%20Day%20of%20.NET%20%7C52008%7C6

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4 Responses to Central Ohio Day of .NET – slide deck and demo code

  1. Joel Ross

    Just as an FYI, SkyDrive’s embed doesn’t work in RSS readers (at least FeedDemon).

    I ran into the same issue. I reverted to including a link to it as well as the embed (because the embed looks cool!).

  2. Michael Eaton

    Thanks Joel. I just updated the post with the direct link.

  3. Matt Blodgett

    Gross! TinyURL, dude. TinyURL. :-)

  4. Michael Eaton


    lol. yea, yea. :-p