I will be speaking at the Cleveland Day of .NET

25 Apr
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I will be speaking at the Cleveland Day of .NET on May 17.  I’m looking forward to giving my “Ouch that hurt! Lessons learned from an agile project” talk, seeing all my friends from Ohio, meeting new people and having a great time.

Here is the abstract for my talk:

“Ever been on a project where everything that could go wrong did? Successful projects are great, but some of the best and most valuable lessons are learned from our failures. In this talk, Michael Eaton will lay it all on the line and discuss the mistakes he made and the lessons he learned on an agile project where Murphy’s Law was in full effect.”

There is still time to register, so head over to the event site, check things out and hopefully I’ll see you on May 17th!

Again, I’ll repeat what I’ve said in previous posts:

“These are not your typical vendor-sponsored conferences with lots of marketing fluff.  Code Camps and the Days of .NET are jam-packed with technical content from top to bottom.  The talks are almost always given by local developers that have no agenda other than to help make the world of software development a better place. :-)

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