Upcoming events for June, July and August

09 Jun
by mjeaton, posted in Uncategorized   |  4 Comments

These are the events I’m attending over the summer months:

Lansing Day of .NET, Lansing, MI – June 21st (speaking)

Ann Arbor Give Camp, Ann Arbor, MI – July 11, 12 and 13th

Codestock, Knoxville, TN – August 9th (possibly speaking, don’t know for sure yet)

Devlink, Murfreesboro, TN – August 22, 23rd

The two trips to TN are gonna be killer, but I’m still looking forward to them!

Looking to September, there are a couple events that are up-in-the-air for me: The Chicago Day of .NET and the Agile Summer Camp.  I’m leaning toward the Agile Summer Camp (partially because I’ve been asked to help with some of the organization), but I’ve also submitted a talk for the Chicago Day of .NET.  We’ll see what happens as September gets a bit closer.  There’s talk of another Ann Arbor Day of .NET in October, so I’ll be blogging about that as it gets closer.

4 Responses to Upcoming events for June, July and August

  1. Shane Milton


    It was great having you here in Indy at IndyCodeCamp and since it looks like you don’t have many events going on, I thought I’d let you know about Indy Tech Fest. We had the first one last year and it sold out early and it was a hugemongous success. I think we had about twice the # of people as what IndyCodeCamp had. So just FYI since you don’t have much going on… ;)



  2. Michael Eaton

    @Shane – it’s on my calendar!

  3. Nick Portelli

    Great to see you again. I definitely like those .net events. I’ll have to go to more. Good to see you use subtext too. :P

  4. Michael Eaton

    @Nick – It was good to see you again too.

    keep an eye out on my blog for announcements about regional events because when I hear about them, I post what I know. :-)