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Codestock 2011

20 Feb 2011
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Smartphones, tablet computers, and televisions running applications; the future is in motion. The technology landscape is changing and it can be hectic for developer and IT professionals to keep up. At the same time, opportunities for technology entrepreneurs are huge and it has never been easier for small independent startups to reach the consumer market. Join us in the future at CodeStock 2011!

  • Keynote by Author Charles Petzold
  • Sessions for Developers, IT Professionals, and Entrepreneurs
  • 100+ break out sessions + Open Spaces (self-organizing sessions)
  • Panel discussions and live podcasts
  • CodeStock Social Event to meet and make connections

Space is limited so register today at

Also, please vote for my sessions! :-)

Blog issues are fixed

10 Feb 2011
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After some craziness with Subtext that caused my blog to be down for about a week, I finally decided to push ahead and move to WordPress. I couldn’t be happier with the result, although I still have some work to do on the theme and probably clean up a few missing links here and there.

Please let me know if you see any issues!