Updated pricing for the WPF Training in Chattanooga!

25 Jul
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Big news! We’ve updated the pricing for the Sharp Axe Training that’s taking place right before DevLink in beautiful Chattanooga, TN!

If you register before August 1 OR you’re attending DevLink, the price has dropped from $1499 to $999!

If you register *after* August 1 and you’re *not* attending DevLink, the price will be $1199.

In my hands-on WPF workshop, you will learn everything you need to know to write solid, maintainable line of business applications in WPF. Topics will include XAML, data binding, commands, styling, templating, MVVM and more. No previous knowledge of WPF is required.

Not interested in WPF? Maybe you’re new to .NET. Check out Keith Elder’s “.NET From Scratch” course! Are you already a .NET expert looking to expand your skillset? Check out Ayende’s two workshops: 1-day workshop on RavenDB on Monday and a 1-day NHibernate workshop on Tuesday!

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